Purpose- To make others, particularly social media users, aware of the types of negative effects Facebook and other social medias can have on the people that participate in using them. Our ultimate goal with our advocacy project is to raise awareness.
Audience- Anyone who knows of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Particularly users of these social media. Generally, this will consist of younger people from preteens to late 20s.
How to Make Changes on Campus- One simple way to spread information about our cause is to hold meetings. Maybe have a meeting once a week to discuss the topic. Flyers are also a useful way to reach out to people on campus.
Effect of the Issue in my Community- Facebook/social media users of all ages can experience Socia Media Depression. Any user of these social media are subjected to these risks. Even people that don't use social media, such as parents, should be aware of the issue and its consequences.
Costs of Not Doing Anything- Depression, suicide, anxiety, low self-esteem, "Catfishing", etc.
Rhetorical Appeals- We as users of social media have experienced "social media depression" to a certain extent. We are aware, especially after research, that we are not alone and that this is not an impossible or made-up concept. We want to make others aware of this as well.
Accessibility- Because our blog is open to the public, it is accessible to anyone that bothers to look for it, or happens to come across it. Anyone interested in the topic has full access to our page, research, and information, which helps spread the knowledge.
Design- We are still working on the design for our page. However, we have added pictures (some humorous ones) that support our topic. The color is dark, which creates a glum feel for a glum topic. It sets the mood that we want our readers to feel.
Plan for Completion- We plan on working on our annotated bibliography together either in class or outside of class tomorrow.
Plan for Testing- Poll 100 random people. Ask questions about how they feel about social media, if they've ever experienced social media depression, how their social media was directly responsible for these feelings, how they handled it, etc.


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    March 2013